Photograph:  West Vita   

Photograph: West Vita


Idyll Green

Three brothers: Rene the Writer/Singer, Jaime the Multi-Instrumentalist/Beat Maker, and Abe the Producer/Keys.

While performing as members of Hacienda and The Fast Five, the 3 brothers honed their songwriting and live performances to be one of the tightest and most vibrant acts around (Playing shows and festivals all over North America, Europe and Australia, as well as The Late Show with David Letterman and Late Night with Conan O’Brien). With the strength of a dance groove and the power of story-based songwriting; they crafted Idyll Green in their own studio to represent everything they love about making music.

Idyll Green is excited to announce the first EP Be The Water, a Cinematic Romance about Rene finding love on a South Texas Night.


I’ve been a fan ever since the day they gave me their first demo, they have consistently impressed with their natural chemistry as a band. - DAN AUERBACH

Take me back to Texas! - DAVID LETTERMAN

Watch the guys perform as Hacienda on Late Night With David Letterman.


Savage II - Lost on the Idyll Green

Never has my truth
been so hard
like then
when I saw
between the mirror and window, no difference

I went to the great city
        who hung gold-like pride down their necks
        who lashed strapped studded collars
        who pierced amber flesh with smiles
        who wore diamond eyes of ambition around heavy fingers
        who tried holding everything, and had nothing
I wanted more, over broken bus and city shouts, than the driving song of death

Never has my truth
felt so obscured
like then
when I walked it every day
drank it
ate it
and didn't know the taste

I went to a small park
        the draped vines
        the lush veil
        the soft-set bed of June 
        the wide field
        the cradling valley
And heard a heavenly noise, of heavenly things

Never has my truth
been so clear
like then
when a birth right
of an open mind
planted and grew
lost on the Idyll Green

I went to her, as she welcomes everyone
       the grace in her step
       the truth in her turn
       the singing indescribable
       the numbered dew-drops
       the silver and gold like humility she wore
and knew there was nothing more than everything about her